Fae Bellveil

She's a bit problematic and a lot more of a princess, but with the attitude only (though she would argue otherwise).

Fae is known as a fun-loving child, er, adventurer! Many may think that the way she functions and acts is quite petty, or "childish" due to her childlike figure. However, while that is the case with closer friends and guildmates, she's quite hush-hush with anyone else.

Likes: Pretty dresses, spring air, sparkling jewelry, playing pranks, nymphs, and pixies.
Dislikes: Naturally unclean things, crowded or dark rooms.

Quick Facts

  • Her canonical main healing class is Astrologian while her canonical main DPS class is Dancer.

  • Her canonical gathering class is Botanist while she dabbles a little bit in multiple crafter classes.

  • She owns a flower and trinket shop.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height of the MIN Lalafel, and puntable in weight.

  • Her hair varies in color and length, she's very indecisive

  • Her fashion is princess-like if she has the choice, but if it comes down to it, she'll dress for movement.

  • She appears to be a child age-wise, but surprisingly she is 26 years old.

Mental Attributes

  • As immature and stubborn as she looks (and most of the time is), she is somewhat of a genius when it comes to anything regarding flora and fauna.

  • She struggles to take validation for her work.

  • Overly jubilant most times.

Warning: Contains Spoilers from Shadowbringers

Fae Bellveil lived a rather recluse and relaxing life. She resided on the First within Il Mheg, being raised by pixies in Lynda Lran, as her parents had been consumed in their entirety by the Flood. Fae wasn't anywhere near old enough to remember the ordeal, but for some reason, the residents of Il Mheg took quite a liking to the small lalafel and she was raised through the rest of her childhood there.Though the lalafel had no idea or no recollection of how she left the First, she somehow ended up in the world of Hydaelyn in the grasps of what some would consider a beast tribe, the Sylphs of Gridania. Much of her time spent with them helped her socialize and adjust to the new life she was living on the new planet, she never quite remembered much about her childhood.One thing lead to another and the lalafel found herself as an advocate for her new family within the capital city. Fae still wasn't entirely aware of how or what she was supposed to be doing in this new land and took a fair amount of time to re-socialize to the area. It was through this resocialization that Fae found her stride in the art of persuasion. The small lalafel somehow figured out how to mooch prices down to almost nothing, and became a frequent shopper in the Gridanian markets. Through this, Fae sought an apprenticeship under a florist and was soon directed to Limsa Limosa after she completed it. Soon enough she compiled a shop of little trinkets and bouquets she made, though it wasn't always pleasant.Fae had quite the issue with rowdy adolescents within the reach of her shop and ended up finding ways to fend them off, in her own way. This ended up leading her to the Indigo Division, as the ruffians were quite problematic and her shop wasn't quite making enough for a lalafel to live comfortably within the city. And this was where she fell for quite a while, a stuck-up adorer of anything fluffy or floral. She is not currently with the free company and has returned to her wandering ways, currently residing within Gridania.

The Evolution of (lala) Fae

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